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Goddess of Abundance Abandantia

Our video, “Goddess of Abundance Avantantia”, is an angel number frequency 888hz + 963hz of sacred frequency + 963hz of sacred frequency + cosmic love and harmony frequency, 528hz of DNA repair frequency + frequency 4096hz that opens the door of the heavens, a total of four different frequencies and a tuning track that combines steel drums that vibrate space.





4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, gibeon meteorite is applied to recorded. [Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opens the door of the heavens


These are the tracks featuring a combination of four different miracle tones and a special sound source.

– Title: “Goddess of Abundance Avantantia”

The motif is “Receive the infinite richness of the universe without leaving it behind”.

※ It will be a strong wave.

Please watch according to your physical condition.

Enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the richness of the infinite universe with the gentle and powerful waves of the beautiful goddess Avantantia.

▶ Message: 369 (Miroku)

※ This video is an upgraded version that has been extended in the remake.

▶ Video Information

Title: Goddess of Abundance Avantantia

Composition: 369 (miroku)

(c) 2020 369music ™.

▶ video description

The songs used in this video are composed, arranged, frequency-adjusted and edited in their own style.

All channel video and image reuse is prohibited.

What is “Beautiful Goddess Abundantia”?

The beautiful Avantantia is the beautiful fertility goddess of Rome and Norway, goddess of success, prosperity, abundance and good luck.

He is a powerful god of grace who helps us with our wealth problems, and he is the guardian of savings, investment, and property.

Abandantia is also a kind goddess, patient and very adorable. When you wish for something, all your wishes come true with love.

While people are sleeping, Avantantia walks away from cornucopeia, a corner of gold coins and fruitful fertility, everywhere they go.

*It is also recommended to watch it when you sleep.😊

Message from Abundantia to you who came across this video

◆It makes sense to come across this video from countless YouTube videos.

It’s more difficult than picking from dozens of cards.
It is inevitable, not by chance.
The universe is pouring richness into you.

Please be ready to receive it.

◆ Asking a goddess for help is not weak, but it cannot be done without being strong.
You have great power.
I’ve come to help you grow more.
You and I work together as a team.

◆I have always heard your wishes and anxiety.
Now I’m pouring a rich Cornucopia vase on you.
Expect unexpected gifts.

Abundantia is for those who seek prosperity, prosperity and

Bring good luck and unexpected money.
I carry a jar of Cornupier filled with gold coins and drop coins everywhere I go.

As one of the proofs that the goddess exists, from a place that should not be
You may find many effects.

Those connected with Abundantia are blessed with money.
It also gives you plenty of time, ideas, and other richness.

Coin ceremony of the beautiful goddess Abundantia

To the goddess Abundantia, take the thought “You are beautiful and wonderful” seriously.
When you think about it, it brings you the benefit of richness.

■ Abundantia coin ritual
There is an influx of money by performing the coin ritual that has been said since ancient times.

Coin ceremony

hold one or more coins in your non-dominant hand and declare:

🔯 Coin declaration

“Beautiful Abundantia, I hope you’ll be as happy as you are, and you’ll be filled with the confidence that what you want is already filled in every way.”

“Please support me to replace any worries about money with joy and gratitude.”

“Thank you for all your guidance, gifts and protection”

“I’m really happy <, rich and full of joy.”

“I’m relaxed knowing that I’ll be fully, immediately and future proof.”

・2.3 coins can be used on any currency to declare coins.
・Gold coins are even better.
・It is best to carry the coins used for declaration without using them.
・Perform a coin ritual whenever income is needed.

Abundantia, the beautiful goddess of success, prosperity, prosperity and good fortune, guides us.

🔸 Finally, in an uncertain global situation, I sincerely hope that you, through this video, will be successful, prosperous, prosperous and lucky with the support of the beautiful goddess Abandontia.✨