1111hz|Embrace of Archangel Metatron|Unconditional | makes your wish come true | 8hours

archangel-metatron.archangel-metatron-blessing,8hours,8時間,-大天使メタトロンの守護-サムネ03369 Miroku Mind

The video “Embrace of Archangel Metatron” is tuned to 1111hz, 888hz, 528hz, 4096hz sacred frequencies, a total of four frequencies and space, and a steel drum that resonates with higher frequencies.

, 4096hz

This track features a combination of four miraculous tones and a steel drum that resonates comfortably in space.

Title: “Embrace of Archangel Metatron”

The motif is “Embraced by the love of the archangel Metatron”.
It is a track that feels the wave of gentle love strong lye of archangel Metatron.

“Embrace the Archangel Metatron” is created as meditation music and sleep music, but as a background music for work, you can feel a pleasant vibration.

Enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the vibration of the gentle but powerful archangel Metatron.

▶ Message by Miroku

* This video corresponds to the “time extension” that had been requested by a lot of people in the comment.
It is a video that was upgraded as an 8-hour version.

To avoid duplication of content on YouTubejyou, old videos have been deleted.

369 Miroku Music creates a video to realize healing, spiritual growth, and aspirations from the subconscious.

* High vibration due to special effects.
*High wave frequencies penetrate the DNA level at the speed of sound.
. .
meditation music ,

healing music ,

sleep music

These are tuned to the ultimate vibration.

In order to deliver more wave of love to you, please channel.
https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcl5uLW6W1LjeQKJhFy4Xg? Sub_confirmation = 1

▶ Video Information

▶ Video Information
Title: “Embrace of Archangel Metatron”
Music: 369 (Miroku)
(C) 2020 369 music ™.

▶The description of the video.
The songs used in this video are composed, arranged, frequency-adjusted, and edited in their own style.

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