888hz|Hug of guardian angel -Loving-

369 Miroku Mind

Angel frequency 888Hz meditation music extends the subconscious and restores the aura of the body.   This meditation music is suitable not only for meditation, but also for sleep.

Quiet and repetitive melodies heal and relax our bodies and minds. If we have good sleep and all the energy is restored during sleep, we will be filled with joy.

Angel number frequency is said to be a frequency that enjoys infinite abundance.

Enjoy the wave at Angel Number 888hz,

Message: 369 (Miroku)

We produce background music for meditation.

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◆Benefits of 888Hz Meditation Music

Unexpected rewards,

to the harvest period of life.

Deep sleep.

Relax your mind and body.

Healing during sleep

▶ Video Information

Title: Guardian Angel’s Hug -Loving-

Composer: 369 (miroku)

(c) 2020 369music ™.

◆Introduction to healing meditation music

369music creates meditation music that enhances your spirituality.

Healing meditation meditation music actively helps you meditate and reality in your life.

Please spend a peaceful healing time.

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How to meditate


How to use solfegio frequencies


How to meditate


*What is meditation music that enhances spirituality?

The 369 meditation music is tuned by superimposing the frequency of the number of consecutive angels and the solfegio frequency.

It is said that shamans of various ancient civilizations received messages in a similar way about higher-dimensional contact.

Overlapping with solfegio frequencies involves a strong spiritual message.

About ▶ Composer 369 (Miroku)

Artist 369 is a meditator and meditation music composer. Genres are usually relaxation, healing, meditation and spirituality.