Super luck🔯Dragon god wave✤Dramatic fortunes rise from the moment you start listening|Bless you

dragon god vibrations,龍神波動360LIFE

Dragon god vibrations This video is tuned together with frequencies and special sound sources that resonate with the dragon god of the high-dimensional world.

Connecting with Ryujin means you have good luck. ・It is produced for the purpose of meditation and sleep music that connects with Ryujin.

▶Music Information

Video Producer: 369 (Miroku)

Music creator: 369 (Miroku)

the power of the dragon, a great power-up beast that brings up all the luck

The dragon is considered to be the source of all the energy on the earth. The painting and the figurine of the dragon are made as a visible form (item) by the image of a dragon with the strong power which is not visible, and it is popular as a luck item in Japan.

It is assumed that it is a phantom beast with the power of dantotsu in feng shui, and the effect is a super phantom beast which demonstrates power to the overall luck such as health luck, work luck, success luck, home luck, popular luck, love luck, interpersonal luck, etc.

🔯 the point that Dragon-god likes

🔸 who likes dragon gods

Bright and cheerful human

People who are not afraid to change

Human beings who are always alive

Independent human

human who is trying to be self-reliant,

People who wish to grow

・ No matter how many times you fail, you can learn from it and try to grow.

・People who do not forget love, people who try to know love when writing in this way, i think some people have a little earache.

It seems that it is more important to keep in mind than to seek perfection😊

This is my desire to cherish it.

Sign from 🔸 Dragon God

Sudden scent of flowers

Rainbow (often substituted)

Eight of the numbers, these seem to be a sign from Ryujin.

🔸 don’t like Dragon-god

(It touches the scale rather than dislike)

It is a thing to act like a negative feeling.

The reason why we describe things as koto is because we see them as phenomena.)

“Jealous of a person’s success” and “jealousy”, but it seems to have a certain amount of negative feelings from the time of being born on earth on the set.

The important thing is to go ahead.

🔸 try to pull his feet, “act” to trap people, and brag to others for reasons to justify them.

I like to take action as such a negative emotion goes.

Well, i don’t want to get involved with this guy before that!lol

😁 Other than that,

A person who becomes emotional and scatters at the other party

Obscene emotions

People who misunderstand that they are special

People who stick to things too much

People who stop growing on their own

Let’s get rich together ✨