How to do Meditations


Do you listen with headphones?

No headphones are needed. Headphones help enhance the listening experience and audio stimulation. Do what you like Try to give you a relaxed and best experience.

Do you open or close your eyes?

We recommend closing your eyes. However, there are no rules for this. If you close your eyes while listening to meditation, it will be easier and deeper meditation. This is natural. In that state, the subconscious is more open and receptive to positive suggestions. Listen in a way that you find comfortable and effective.

Do you sit and listen?

The position has not been decided. It is advisable to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. During meditation, we recommend changing to a mode where you do not receive calls.

Need to think about something?

No, do your best to let go of “talkative thinking” and focus on music and breathing.

s it okay to listen while sleeping?

Professors at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and the University of Southern California have published papers on meditation and sleep. In the experiment, we asked seniors with sleep disorders to incorporate meditation. As a result, the symptoms of sleep disorders were alleviated.

It is said that the human brain emits alpha waves when it is about to enter sleep. I think that the fact that the meditation produces alpha waves has led to the relief of sleep disorders. About one-third of a day is devoted to sleep. If daily sleep is improved, quality of life will be greatly improved.

What if I feel uncomfortable with meditation?

When the connection between the mind and body begins to heal, it can stimulate emotions. It’s completely natural and safe. It is a normal part of personal and spiritual growth and development.