GODDESS ABUNDANTIA🔯ABUNDANCE✤Money Abundance Magnet Meditation Music


GODDESS ABUNDANTIA🔯ABUNDANCE✤Money Abundance Magnet Meditation Music

Our video “CORNUCOPIA OF ABUNDANCE” Goddess of Abundantia’s Blessing
is tuned to a combination of five special frequencies.

  1. the angel number frequency that attracts Abundance, 888hz,1111hz.
  2. 963hz of divine frequency
  3. the frequency of love and harmony in the universe, the 528hz of DNA repair frequency
  4. 4096hz, Frequency that opens the door of the heavens


These frequencies are tuned with a steel drum that vibrates comfortably in the space.

*The 4096hz sound source is a recording of the sound of the Gibeon meteorite hitting a 4096hz tuning fork.

The frequency 4096hz that opens the door to the heavens the miraculous power stone “Gibeon meteorite”
▶▶▶ https://youtu.be/EzcGvpNGn34

The title “CORNUCOPIA OF ABUNDANCE, a blessing of Goddess of ABUNDANTIA”
The motif is to accept the infinite richness of the universe.

Feel the gentle and powerful vibrations of abundance and spend some time relaxing.

Message 369(Miroku)

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