528Hz / 4096Hz Kawaii Angels Music for Deep Sleep | Negative Energy Purification| Dream-Making Gibeon Meteorite Sound| Healing Music Connecting With Angels While Sleeping

369 Miroku Mind

528Hz / 4096Hz Angel Music for Deep Sleep| Negative Energy Purification| Dream-Making Gibeon Meteorite Sound| Healing Of Angels While Sleeping

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369 Miroku Mind
新世界・光の世界を創造する仲間と創る「369の世界」へようこそ! 無限に広がり続ける369の世界は、確実に近づいています。 このチャンネルは、日本に光の柱を立て新世界を創造する仲間と共に創るチャンネルです。 目に見えない世界の中に真実がありました。 369の時代に欠かせない大切な食料の「自給自足」N-POWER微生...

369 Miroku Mind is a YouTube channel that delivers music for the best meditation, healing, relaxation and sleep. Our music consists of various types of instruments that blend 4096Hz and 528Hz sorphegio frequencies. The video was created with the aim of providing healing to those with symptoms such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. This music consists of beautiful harps, pianos, healing pads, relaxing bells and more. This music is relaxing music that will help relieve your stress. It also helps to free you from negative emotions and increase the positive energy in you. You can also use such healing music to meditate to increase your meditation techniques. You will also have the healing ability to learn how to find peace of mind and heal yourself with the help of music. Our music, which combines healing pads and melodies, helps people overcome stress and anxiety. Thank you very much, and have a great time. In this track, “528Hz / 4096Hz Angel Music for Deep Sleep”, we are tuning a combination of 528hz of DNA repair frequency + special frequency of 4096 Hz that opens the door of the heavens. These are tracks featuring a combination of two amazing miracle tones. – *The sound source of 4096hz is recorded by overlaying the Gibeon meteorite on a tuning fork of 4096 Hz. ▶▶▶ https://youtu.be/EzcGvpNGn34 The waves of gibeon meteorites that do not exist on earth are also known as waves of happiness, such as “realizing dreams”, “using them positively”, and “awakening”. Title: 528Hz / 4096Hz Angel music for deep sleep “Deepening the bond with your guardian angel” is a heartfelt video. These special frequencies begin synchronity at atomic frequencies when the body’s chakras and DNA react. It also allows contact with high-dimensional life. ※ It will be a strong wave. Please watch according to your physical condition. Have a great time.

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369 Miroku Mind creates music videos for healing, spiritual growth and aspiration realization from the subconscious. ※ It has been a high wave due to special effects. * The high wave frequency penetrates the DNA level at the speed of sound.  Please watch according to your physical condition. ・ Meditation music, healing music, and sleep music Are tuned to match the ultimate waves.

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