Archangel Michael✤ Holy Energy.Powerful 10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety Relief, 1111Hz -+ 963Hz + 528Hz + 4096Hz


With the holy energy of Archangel Michael, it is a 10-minute meditation music that relieves anxiety and facilitates positive energy conversion.

Daily meditation with holy energy will help you find your own inner peace and keep your mind and body healthy and enhance.

It is desirable to perform meditation every day in the morning and at night for a month to three months.

This music is tuned around the sacred frequency 963Hz, 1111Hz of angel number frequency, frequency 528Hz of cosmic love and harmony, and 4096Hz of the frequency that opens the door of the heavens.

The sound of steel drums tuned to these frequencies envelops you and the surrounding space with holy energy.

Feel the love of archangel Michael and the high-dimensional wave energy and enjoy the new world.😊 ▶ Message Miku

AT HITATSU369 creates videos for healing, mental growth and aspiration realization from the subconscious. ※ It has become a high wave due to special effects.

*High wave frequency penetrates the DNA level at the speed of sound.  

Please watch according to your physical condition.

Meditation music, healing music, sleep music These are tuned to match the ultimate wave.

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◆ Video information ◆

Title: 10-Minute Meditation on the Holy Energy of Archangel Michael

Playing: Miku

Composer: Miku

Arr.: Miku

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The songs used in this video are completely original, with their own style of playing, composing, arranging and adjusting frequencies. This video, the reuse of music is prohibited.

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369 ™.