Shamanic Meditation Music.Relaxing Music.Soul Ritual purification.Deep Healing.

369 Miroku Mind

Shamanic Healing Meditation Music.
Music for deep meditation.
This music relaxes the body and mind through deep meditation.
The mystical melody purifies the energy during meditation.

Detoxify and heal your soul.
Meditation can eliminate negative energy and transform it into positive and peaceful energy.
Your thoughts create your future.
If you can take control of your emotions, you will experience amazing changes.

This track outputs three special frequencies together.

  1. 963Hz, the sacred frequency.
  2. 528Hz, the frequency that governs the harmony and love of the universe
  3. 4096Hz, the frequency that opens the door to the heavens


HITOTSU369 creates music videos for subconscious healing, spiritual growth and desire realization.

It is a high vibrational frequency due to special effects.
The high vibrational frequency penetrates into your DNA level at the speed of sound.

Meditation Music
Healing Music
Sleeping Music
These are tuned to match the ultimate vibrations.

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▶Video information

Title: Shamanic Meditation Music.
Arrangement: Miroku
Frequency Control: Miroku

ⓒ2020 369Miroku Music™。

▶ Video Description.
The music used in this video was legally purchased from Artlist and arranged in its own style and Frequency Tuning.

Reuse of this all channel video is prohibited.