999Hz+528Hz ORCA HEALING Protecting yourself from daily negative energy

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• ORCA DEEP Healing

Negative energy (negative energy) that comes from anxiety and fear such as money, health, human relations, etc.
Negative energy from others .
Various negative energy accumulates in daily life without realizing it.

This track is created with the aim of freeing anxiety and fear and transitioning to a peaceful and peaceful state.
A track with a pleasant and gentle tempo and a mysterious melody helps meditate.
And the voices of killer whales will help you heal your inner child and open your heart.
This music was created as meditation music at frequencies of 999Hz, 99Hz and 528Hz.

Frequencies of 999hz and 99hz are said to protect against negative energy.
528hz is the frequency that repairs DNA, as well as the frequency that governs the love and harmony of the entire universe.
It is said that the voices of marine mammals such as dolphins and whales have a mysterious power.
It is a famous story that it is widely applied to rehabilitation such as mental illness in foreign countries.

A killer whale at the top of the sea food chain

It is said that the bond between parents and children and the bonds of family are special and very strong.
Among them, the bond between mother and child seems to be exceptional.
The voice (frequency) emitted by killer whales is the frequency itself of “free love”.
(The voice of the killer whale is tuned to 528hz, the sound in the sea is 999hz, 99hz)

In this track, the underwater sound and the voices of the killer whales are to a gentle rhythm.

Barrier from negative energy (negative energy).
Recovery in the wave of healing, love and harmony to
the inner self (inner child)

I hope this track will help you.

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