Seraphim Angels The Blessings


The latest track of the Archangel Blessing series “Seraphim’s Embrace”

This track is characterized by five special frequencies.

DNA repair frequency of cells

963Hz. Frequency of gods, AC frequency with high-dimensional world

4096Hz, the frequency that opens the door of the heavens.

Frequency of two angel numbers to attract good luck, 1111Hz and 888Hz.

These five miraculous sounds resonate and echo through the sound of a steam drum that vibrates comfortably around you.

The sound source of 4096Hz is recorded by applying the Gibeon meteorite to the tuning fork.

4096hz + Miracle Power Stone Opening the Door to the Heavens |

Gibeon Meteorite

▶▶▶ https://youtu.be/EzcGvpNGn34

It is a work with the motif of “The embrace of Seraphim” “The highest rank angel (fierce angel) wrapped in the wave of love of Seraphim, healing the spirit and soul and promoting growth”.

Enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the vibration of the gentle but powerful SERAPHIM ANGEL..

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