Our, Archangel’s Blessing Series track, “Blessing of Archangel Raziel”, is tuned with a combination of two special frequencies.

528hz, the frequency of cellular DNA repair and the frequency of love and harmony in the whole universe.
888hz, two angel number frequencies that attract good luck.

These two special frequencies are combined with steel drums that vibrate comfortably in the space around you and gentle background music.


The track features two amazing, miraculous tones and a combination of special sound sources.

Title: “Blessings of Raziel the Archangel

It is a track with the motif of “The purification of negative energy and the help of awakening (super sense) are entrusted to archangel RAZIEL”.

Feel the unknown power of the archangel Rajel, and spend a relaxing time embraced by a gentle but powerful energy.

▶ Message: 369 (Miroku)

▶ Video Information

Title: “Blessings of Raziel the Archangel

Composition: 369 (Miroku)

Arrangement: 369 (Miroku)

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369™

▶ video description

The music used in this video is unique style, composing, arranging, and adjusting frequencies.

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🔯 what is the archangel Raziel?

[Archangel Raziel]

It is an archangel that has the name of the angel “Secret of God” which brings the supersensory perception embodied by the holy wisdom to man, excludes the one that interferes with spiritual and spiritual thought, helps the dream judgment, and awakens the memory of the past life.

It is said that the holy wisdom is embodied, and it is a archangel of the mystery hidden.

It gives you heavenly information.

Being near the Throne of God, you can hear all the secrets of all the forests.

It is a book called “Sefar Rajel” (book of angel Rajel) that summarizes it.

This knowledge is perfect and absolute, including everything, and when you receive this wonderful “insight”, you can change the normal reality.

Archangel Raziel will help you.

◆ Activate the parietal chakra to enhance intuition and insight.

◆If the parietal chakra is opened, the flame of wisdom will fall, and the phenomenon can be changed.

◆ Heal the pituitary gland, skeleton, lower brain, eyes, sinuses.

◆Powerful analgesic effect

◆Remove food, water and air pollution

◆Solve the suffering of daily life problems and painful experiences

◆Stabilize your emotions

◆Establishing internal communication

◆Help you tackle personal issues such as self-awareness and self-understanding

◆ To heal the obsession, emotional instability of all forms

◆Wipe out negative thinking patterns

◆ Increase telepathic ability, intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual hearing, and super sense to increase spiritual knowledge.


▶ Composer 369 (Miroku)

Artist 369 is a meditator and meditation music composer.

Genres are usually relaxation, healing, meditation and spirituality.