Our, the Guardian series track of Archangel, “The Guardian of Archangel Ariel”, attracts good luck with two angel number frequencies 1111hz + 888hz. A 528hz frequency that is a DNA repair frequency and controls the love and harmony of the universe.

These three special frequencies are tuned in combination with steel drums that vibrate the space comfortably.




It is a track characterized by a combination of three amazing miracle tones and special sound sources.

※ 4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, Gibeon meteorite is applied to record.

[Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opensthe door of the heavens


Title: “The Guardian of The Archangel Ariel”

It is a track with the motif “Entrusting the purification of negative energy and helping the soul grow to archangel ARIEL”.

Feel the wave of love of archangel Ariel, and spend a relaxing time embraced by a gentle but powerful energy.

▶ Message: 369 (Miroku)

▶ Video Information

Title: “The Guardian of The Archangel Ariel”

Composition: 369 (Miroku)

Arrangement: 369 (Miroku)

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369™

▶ video description

The music used in this video is unique style, composing, arranging, and adjusting frequencies.

Reuse of all channel videos and images is prohibited.

◆About Archangel Ariel

The archangel Ariel is an angel with the meaning of “Lion of God”.

The name Ariel also means “hero”, and it gives you the courage and power to take a step forward.

The archangel Ariel is said to make what we want come true, and it is also known as “The Magic of God.”

It is also an angel who has the role of watching over animals, and is also known by the name “Lion”, the king of the brave beasts.

◆ Archangel Ariel supports the most important dream and brings a miracle.

It also helps to shape inspiration and ideas and lead them to abundance, and helps them to have beliefs and act while protecting them from negative thoughts.

◆Keywords: Wind, Lion, Scroll

◆Ray: Light Green

Message from Archangel Ariel

“When the stage of life changes, we will help you determine what the soul really wants, and to have the courage to be strong about the desires that the soul desires and to take a step forward.”

“Focus on nature”

“When you want to be yourself in a natural way, touch nature, prepare your breath, and tune in with nature.”

“I, The Archangel Ariel, will help you to go along with nature.”

If you have any problems or anguish that are happening on earth, please call Ariel, the archangel.

(Angels respect the free will of man, so they won’t help you unless you call them.)

Ariel, the archangel, understands the three-dimensional sense of human beings.

In spiritual growth, they send you a sign in a way that you can understand the message from outer space.

Talk to the archangel Ariel when you feel fear, worry, or anxiety.

It relieves fear, worry, and anxiety and leads you to realize the importance of being you as you are.