Abundance God 🔯 Ganesh |Sacred Frequency 963hz

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God who fulfills various wishes “Ganesh God”

This video uses a special frequency connected to the wave of ganesha god and original music using a special sound source.

Our track, ganesha guardian, is tuning in a combination of 4096hz of frequencies that open the doors of 963hz+ heavenly worlds of sacred frequencies.

963hz + 4096hz *

This video is a re-up video renovated.

These are the tracks featuring a combination of two different miracle tones and the sound of a steel drum. –

▶ Title: Ganesh Grace

“The waves of toyojun resonate comfortably”

I have a motif.

These frequencies are meditation music that delivers the energy of abundance to you.

Enjoy a relaxing time.

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Ganesha Is God

Ganesha is said to be the god of medicine who removes all obstacles in life, flourishes business, and frees himself from suffering, and is the almighty god who controls all events.

Ganesha is a Hindu god, but when you go to a multi-ethnic country in Southeast Asia, people of non-Hindu religions such as Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and Jains wear and decorate ganesha.

It is widely known all over the world that Ganesha god brings good luck.

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Title: Ganesh Grace

Composition: 369 (miroku)

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The songs used in this video are composed, arranged, frequency-adjusted and edited in their own style.

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