⁂Attracting Abundance⁂A very simple way to meditate

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⁂Attracting Abundance⁂A very simple way to meditate

Isn’t there an increasing number of opportunities to hear meditation?

From 2020, the earth has changed dramatically, shifting from the world of money and matter to the world of spirituality.

This cycle seems to be happening about every 2000 years on earth.

People’s consciousness has begun to change, and I feel that more and more people are looking for awakening and awakening.

It may be a demonstration of human z to have seen this site.

Therefore, the number of people who have been working all over the world since ancient times has attracted attention and is aware of the need.

In recent years, it’s a famous story that Steve Jobs and Google’s employee training have incorporated.

Easy meditation method that attracts accelerates!

The Law of Attraction in Meditation

The brain sets goals and begins to collect information related to them.

Normally, the brain filters and blocks all information that it perceives unnecessary.

The brain science says it is “Skotoma”.

“Scotoma” is a “blind spot” that is visible but not visible because the brain is not aware of it.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t itlol

To put it plainly, when you start thinking that you’ve switched to a new car, have you ever noticed a car that you’re thinking of buying?

When you want a new watch, you can see what other people are doing.

The number of watches and the number of cars is not increasing suddenly, is it?

“Necessary information” is a state that the brain recognizes, so the brain recognizes it when it enters view.

Conversely, all unnecessary information is filtered and blocked.

The blocking filter is Skotoma.

The first thing We talked about ways that the filtering of the brain would result in a huge loss of opportunity if you couldn’t catch the best chance for your goal.

In meditation, if you can get your goals into your subconscious, you’ll get more and more information you need.

In other words, optimization = attraction to the goal happens.

Pulling accelerated by meditation

Meditation is easy to do and does not require any money or tools, and it becomes possible to attract desire.

Here’s how easy it is to do it.

How to meditate

Above all, it is desirable to do it in a relaxing environment.

Posture, you can lie down even if you sit down.

I’ll do it in the most relaxing position i can do.

1 It’s okay to sit down or sleep. First of all, relaxation is a pr
priority 2 It is desirable to the closet
he eyes to stretch the back consciously, but if you get used to it, you are consc
ious of both good 4 breathing.Breath in the belly breathing from the
nose and out of the nose, breathing, and slowly exhale spitting for about 10 seconds.

At first, when you close your eyes, you will see a “talkative self” come out and fight with the mess, but think of such an image.

You are sitting on the meadow on a sunny day.

It is a very pleasant meadow where the song of the small bird can be heard.

“Talkative self” and “miscellaneous” are.The wind that can’t ride as i pass in front of you

It is easy to overdo it when imagining it like this.

What if things don’t work?

At first, you may lose to the miscellaneous.

In such a situation, i put my attention to breathing and count the numbers.

Every time i smoke 1.2.3…. Every time I vomit 1.2.3…

Focus on the numbers.

Same as bicycle.

It’s hard at first, but once you get used to it, you can ride it easy.

Meditation is the same.

How to meditate using meditation music


・ I will listen continuously for more than 21 days.
2. I am convinced that I can live a rich life with my thoughts and feelings.
3. You are sure it is worth living a richer life.
4. Imagine that the environment has already changed.
5. I’m sure I can always make the best choice.

Quiet and repetitive melodies calm and relax our minds and bodies.
Meditation music is good not only for meditation but also for sleep.

If we get a good sleep and all the energy is restored during sleep, our mind and body will be filled with joy.