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Dragon God Wave [Golden Dragon]

The Golden Dragon, a great-powered beast that brings up all luck

A phantom beast with the power of dantotsu in feng shui.

The effect is a phantom beast that increases the power of luck to the overall opening of luck, such as luck of money, health, work luck, success luck, home luck, popular luck, love luck, interpersonal luck, etc.

Our new track, Ryujin Wave [Golden Dragon God], is tuned to combine a total of three special frequencies and dragon flutes, with a frequency of 4096hz that promotes the connection between 963hz of sacred frequency + spirit and body, 528hz of DNA repair frequency + higher order.

963hz + 528hz + 4096hz These are tracks featuring dragon flutes, with a combination of three amazing miracle tones. The chakra of the body reacts, strengthening the bond with the dragon god.

Enjoy a relaxing time.

Messages: 369 (Miroku)

※ It has become a high wave due to special effects.

*High wave frequency penetrates the DNA level at the speed of sound.

369 Miroku Music creates videos for healing, mental growth, and aspiration realization from the subconscious.

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Sleep music These are tuned together the ultimate wave.

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Video Information

Title: Ryujin Wave [Golden Dragon God]

The motif is “Resonance with the Dragon God Wave”.

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Video Production: 369 (Miroku)

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Genres are usually relaxation, healing, meditation and spirituality.

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