God Frequency 963hz-Purification – GOD FREQUENCY


God Frequency 963hz-Purification – GOD FREQUENCY

🔸 this video is a high wave with special effects.
Please watch according to your physical condition.

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The previous work was viewed more than 200,000 times.
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✨ “#2 PURIFICATION – Purification – God Frequency 963hz” will be uploaded.

As in the previous work, it has enclosed special frequencies and high waves.
This work is aligned with the frequency that it is said that there is an elevated and purifying action of the immunity to prepare for the threat of the virus.

Awakening effect
Space purification
Mental and physical purification
Improving immunity

We’re tuning them only for the purpose of enhancing them.

*Blackout from 1:31:03.

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What is 🔯 Solfegio Frequency?

Frequency is the number of times it vibrates per second in Hz (Hertz).
It is said that it has a positive effect on the body and makes you feel comfortable in the frequency that a person can recognize.

What is 🔸963hz?

The 963hz sorfegio frequency, which is said to be a miracle frequency, is the frequency with the highest frequency of solfegio frequencies.
It is said to be a frequency that connects with cosmic consciousness and high-dimensional existence, and has an abstract existence and connection.

It is said to be a frequency that attracts miracles, and it is a frequency popular all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States.

what is 🔸 4096hz?

“Sounds that heal the balance of the mind and body and raise consciousness in a positive direction”
4096hz is famous for being known as “Angelgate”, the sound that opens the door of the angel world that connects heaven and earth.

🔸 the effect of purifying the mind of people, space, things, etc. through the wave of sound is high.

When you are in anger, worry, frustration, or pain in your heart, listening to the 4096hz, also known as the sound of blessings, releases the negative energy that is stuck in your mind.

🔸 purification effect is outstanding

The frequency to purify all kinds of things is 4096hz.
The high and clear tone of 4096hz is said to have the power to purify not only the mind and body but also the space, the body, and the thing.

By listening, 4096hz connects the earth and the heavens and purify everything with high purification and energy from the heavens.

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