How To Use meditation


Is it headphones?

You don’t need headphones or earphones. However, they do help enhance the listening experience and audio stimulation.
Do what you like There are no rules.

What level is the optimum volume?

We recommend that you fine-tune the volume for a comfortable, stress-free listening experience. Some people are very sensitive to sound, others are not. Find the optimal volume level.

Is it okay to listen while sleeping?

Yes, it’s safe. Frequency vibrations are healing your subconscious. That frequency may sometimes affect your dreams.

Do you open or close your eyes?

Relaxing and listening are the priority, but the subconscious is aware of the frequency even when you are working, doing something with your eyes open. Comfortable and effective choices are the most effective.

Is there a recommended method such as the order of listening to frequencies?

There are no rules about how to use Solfeggios frequencies. You do not have to follow any particular order. It’s best to hear the frequencies you are attracted to intuitively. Only ask how often you choose, as long as you feel it suits you.

Which position should I be in while listening?

There is no rule. You can find a quiet and comfortable place to sit, lie down and do whatever you want. We recommend that you do not listen while driving a car.

How much time do I need to spend to profit from the frequency?

Listen 4 or more times a week, 15 minutes or more per session for 4 to 6 weeks.
You can also use it as background music while listening to other things (study, exercise, work, yoga) every day.
You can watch television, listen to music, or even use it in the background at low volume.

Do you need to focus on something or think about something?

There are no special rules. Much of the purpose of meditation is to know “intuition.” Difficult, but focus on your breathing rather than thinking. Do something comfortable that you intend to heal. Some meditations have visualized the future of dreams.

Have a great life!