WELCOME TO 369(Miroku),

The music of spiritual growth

Healing Meditation Musics

369(Miroku)’s Meditation creates meditation music that aims to help people regain harmony and peace of mind through meditation. Many people enjoy meditation.
Through meditation, they are getting the wealth of life.
369’’s meditation music actively helps them.

This meditation music helps keep the body, mind and spirit in harmony.
369(Miroku)’s meditation music is produced with the frequency and soft sound source of the angel who is connected with the guardian angel.

Your body and mind are relaxed and harmonious with true energy flowing. In addition, when you are relaxed, you can act wisely because you are intuitive and creative.


Self Control Ability

A person practicing meditation can maintain self-control and self-control, no matter how difficult the situation. Controls emotions, short-term desires, and thoughts. While some people become tense, angry, and frustrated, those who meditate remain calm and ignore external stimuli.

A Flexibility of the Mind

During meditation, you grow spiritually and intellectually.
You can develop the ability to focus on what matters.
It will be a shortcut to know the “truth”.

Great Awareness

Everyone depends on their own experience and tends to act accordingly. Much of this behavior relies on past disappointments, resentments, and emotional burdens of life.
Meditation reveals not only past experience, but also higher spirituality.

Get rid of depression

To get rid of depressing emotions with meditation, you need to achieve deep transformation and find the cause of the problem. Meditation brings harmony between your body and soul, feels love, and realizes your potential.

What is solfeggio Frequency

What is solfeggio frequency

HITOTSU369’s meditation music is tuned by overlapping the frequencies of consecutive spiritual numbers and the Solfeggio frequencies.
Since ancient times, contacts with higher dimensions are said to have received messages in a similar way.
Overlapping with Solfeggio frequencies contains a strong spiritual message.
Each frequency of these meditation music will positively improve your destiny.

  • 1111hz The positive energy of the guardian angel. Contact with higher dimensions
  • 285hz  Expansion and promotion of consciousness from multiple areas
  • 528hz ideal conversion, miracle, cell recovery
  • 639hz Restoring relationships and relationships with people
  • 852hz Awakening of intuitive power, awakening
  • 963hz Higher dimension, connected with cosmic consciousness
  • 4096hz  Open the door of the angelic world