The Guardian of the White Dragon – 528Hz + 963Hz + 4096Hz


The power of the lucky beast god “Ryujin” with tremendous power to raise all luck

The White Dragon is a very noble beast god who is said to serve the Emperor of heaven.

As the name suggests, the scales of the whole body are white.

Dragons fly in the sky, but white dragons fly especially fast, and if you ride them, you won’t be able to catch up with other dragons.

It is said that it is sometimes turned into a fish and swims in the lake etc. on the ground. It also appears in “Nanso Satomi Hachikenden”, and there is a scene where a white dragon emits light and flies to the south while winding a wave, and it is written that it enters the ground and becomes money when the white dragon vomits the thing.

A lucky beast god with the power of Dantotsu in feng shui.

The effect is a beast god that increases the luck to demonstrate the power to comprehensive luck, such as money luck, health luck, work luck, success luck, home luck, popular luck, love luck, interpersonal luck, etc.

Countless white dragons are enshrined in shrines and other places in Japan.

This track is 963Hz of the sacred frequency, which is said to be the frequency of 528Hz and the frequency of the gods, which governs the harmony and love of the universe, and 4096Hz of frequency that opens the door of the heavens.

These three frequencies are combined.

※ 4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, gibeon meteorite is applied to recorded. [Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opens the door of the heavens ▶https://youtu.be/EzcGvpNGn34

If you look up at the sky, you may be able to see Ryuun😉

I hope this video will help you. Enjoy a relaxing time.

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Title: Guardian of the White Dragon

Arr.: Miku

Frequency adjustment: Miku

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