Angel Healing, ⁂ Archangel Azrael

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The guardian and role of the archangel Azrael heals the management of the soul, the bridge with the heavens, and the suffering that controls the journey from the birth of life.

The birth of life – An angel who is responsible for the departure, the soul, and the communication with the heavens.

Track Title: “Angel’s Healing – Archangel Azrael”

This track is tuned to match the harmony of the universe and the frequency of love 528Hz and the frequency that opens the door of the heavens to 4096Hz.

※ 4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, gibeon meteorite is applied to recorded. [Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opens the door of the heavens


Archangel Azrael

God helps you” with a name that means”.

It is an archangel who leads the soul away from the body to heaven, and gives healing to people who have lost loved ones. It is a role to inform man that the time has come when the body will perish, and to lead the soul to the heavens.

It calms the soul which has just returned to the heavens, and teaches that a generous love is poured.

If you call Azrael’s name, the souls of your loved ones who have died will be protected.

It is an archangel that gives the ultimate healing when an important person travels.

It is a little sad melody, but at the end it calms down and calms down.

I hope this video will help you.

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