888🔯DRAGON GOD VIBRATIONS⁂To a prosperous new world⁂Rising Positive Energy.999Hz+963Hz+528Hz.


The power of the lucky beast “Ryujin” with tremendous power to raise all the luck

A beast with the power of Dantotsu in feng shui.
The effect is a beast that increases the luck to demonstrate the power to comprehensive luck, such as money luck, health luck, work luck, success luck, home luck, popular luck, love luck, interpersonal luck, etc.

The new work “Ryujin Wave – To the New World” of the Ryu
jin Wave series This track is created as music that increases the frequency to live in a new era.

We tune dragon flutes and kagura bells that resonate with Ryujin at 888Hz+999Hz+528Hz+963Hz+4096Hz.

※ Because the wave setting is high, please watch by lowering the volume.
(Some devices may crack sounds.))

The world is changing rapidly in 2020.
The common sense and values of the past have also changed greatly.
More and more people are beginning to be able to get caught up in the “truth” of the invisible world and the spiritual world from material worshipism and money worshipism.

The earth is beginning to change into a new world.
On the day of the release of this video, the summer solstice (June 21, 2020) is clearly a lot of people who feel a different energy than before.

This track is a meditation, sleep and background music to thank the guardian of the dragon god, to encourage awakening and to increase the frequency to live a new era rich.

Let’s live a rich new era!
Enjoy a relaxing time.

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▶ Track information.

Composer: Miroku

Performance: Miroku

Arrangement : Miroku

Title : “Ryujin Wave To the New World”.

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369 ™. All Rights Reserved.


▶ videos the songs and videos used in this video are composed, arranged, and imaged by Miku in his own style.

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HITOTSU369 creates videos for healing, mental growth, and aspiration realization from the subconscious.

※ It has become a high wave due to special effects.
*High wave frequency penetrates the DNA level at the speed of sound.
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music, slee
p music These are tuned together with the ultimate wave.