888hz🔯 Angel’s Blessing 04Flower of Life /Fortune rises dramatically when you hear it


Our Angel Blessing series track, “Angel’s Blessing – Flower of Life-” is tuned by combining a total of three special frequencies: 888hz of angel number frequency to attract abundance, 528hz of love frequency that controls the entire universe, and a frequency of 4096hz that opens the door of the heavens.




※ 4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, gibeon meteorite is applied to recorded.

[Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opens the door of the heavens


These are tracks featuring a combination of three amazing miracle tones.

Title: Angel’s Blessing – Flower of Life –

The motif is “a moment healed by the harmony of the universe and the wave of love”.

Enjoy a relaxing time with a gentle wave that always feels the angel watching over you.

▶ Message: 369 (Miroku)

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Title: “Angel’s Blessing – Flower of Life- “

Frequency adjustment: 369 (Miroku)

Arrangement: 369 (Miroku)

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369™

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The music used in this video is legally obtained from peri tune, and it arranges and adjusts the frequency in a unique style.

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What is Flower of Life?

Flower of Life [Sacred Geometric Pattern] Flower of Life is said to be the ultimate shape that encompasses all life forms at the same time as being a figure with the ultimate balance of harmony that is all divided into gold.

It is the pattern that represents the universe itself, the original pattern of all things in the forest, and is considered a sacred form, the first language of the universe, pure form and equilibrium, which is a symbol of unconditional love.

The name flower of life is not called because it resembles a flower, but rather a cycle of plants, fruit trees, animals, and life itself.

This shape, which has been used as a decorative motif since ancient times, forms a floral pattern with a six-square symmetrical structure.

The flower of life symbolizes the state of perfect cosmic harmony.

🔸 cycle of life returns to the seed → flowers bloom → bear fruit .

These five life cycles are closely related to the geometry of life and are related to the creation of the universe.

🔸 All life that exists in this world is a pattern of flower of life creation, and our human DNA comes from the shape of the flower of life.

Without exception, every aspect of all life and everything in the universe is contained.

In this video , the solfegio frequency that connects with the angel and the heavens. ・888hz, 4096hz, 528hz are tuned together.

In particular, the 528hz frequency is said to be used to repair broken DNA.

The 528hz frequency is essential for the flower of life harmony.


▶ Composer 369 (Miroku)

Artist 369 is a meditator and meditation music composer.

Genres are usually relaxation, healing, meditation and spirituality.