Angel’s sleeping🔯888hz✤Healing effect of Angels for deep sleep ✤DNA Repair ✤Relieving anxiety


888hz | Purification of Negative Energy | Angel Healing Sleep

Our track, “Angel’s Healing Sleep”, is a DNA repair frequency, a frequency of love and harmony in the universe 528hz, a frequency that opens the door of the heavens 4096hz, an angel number frequency of 888hz that attracts good luck.These three special frequencies are tuned in combination with special sound sources.




These are tracks featuring three amazing miracle tones and a combination of special sound sources.

※ 4096hz sound source, 4096hz frequency tuning fork, gibeon meteorite is applied to recorded.

[Gibeon Meteorite] high-dimensional frequency 4096hz × miracle power stone that opens the door of the heavens


Title: “Angel’s Healing Sleep”

It is a track with the motif “Self-purifying these negative energies of fear, anxiety, money worries, interpersonal worries, health problems, and these negative energy while sleeping” is a track.

Feel the angel’s energy, embrace the frequency of gentle healing, and spend a relaxing time.

▶ Message: 369 (Miroku)

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Title: “Angel’s Healing Sleep”

Frequency adjustment: 369 (Miroku)

Arrangement: 369 (Miroku)

(c) 2020 HITOTSU369™

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The music used in this video is legally purchased from 250music and arranged and frequency-adjusted in its own style.

Reuse of all channel videos and images is prohibited.

HITOTSU369 creates videos for healing, mental growth, and aspiration realization from the subconscious.

※ It has become a high wave due to special effects.

*High wave frequency penetrates the DNA level at the speed of sound.  

Meditation music

Healing music

Sleep music These are tuned together the ultimate wave.

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About ▶ Composer 369 (Miroku)

Artist 369 is a meditator and meditation music composer.

Genres are usually relaxation, healing, meditation and spirituality.